Stuxnet, the CIA/Mossad ‘Worm of the Apocalypse’ No Longer Threatens Iran

In the follow-up to the recently released documentary “Zero Days” by Alex Gibney on the Stuxnet worm, a “terrifying and groundbreaking virus jointly created by the US and Israel against Iranian nuclear technologies,” one Iranian expert on regional security reassured Sputnik that the virus no longer poses a threat to his home country.

Alex Gribney’s recent documentary “Zero Days” lays the story of the Stuxnet worm, a computer virus which was created by branches of the CIA and Mossad to cripple Iranian nuclear plants.

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Australia, Indonesia exchange intelligence personnel to combat ISIS

An ambitious new personnel exchange program between intelligence agencies in Australia and Indonesia aims to combat the unprecedented rise of militant Islamism in Southeast Asia, which is fueled by…

Source: Australia, Indonesia exchange intelligence personnel to combat ISIS

German intelligence spied on EU and NATO allies, report finds

A major parliamentary inquiry into the operations of Germany’s main intelligence agency has concluded that it spied on nearly 3,500 foreign targets in recent years, most of which belonged to allied…

Source: German intelligence spied on EU and NATO allies, report finds

Reuters: Critic of Cambodian government shot dead in capital


A critic of the Cambodian government was shot dead in the capital on Sunday at a time of rising political tension between Prime Minister Hun Sen and an opposition hoping to challenge his grip on power in elections as soon as next year.

Kem Ley, 46, the head of a grassroots advocacy group, “Khmer for Khmer”, was shot two times in a store at a gas station in Phnom Penh, police said.

“Kem Ley was shot dead,” Eng Hy, a spokesman for the National Military Police, told Reuters, but declined to provide further details.

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NGO Slams Malaysia’s Anti-Human Trafficking Recor


By Hata Wahari and Haireez Azeem Azizi, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia needs to do much more to stop human trafficking and modern-day slavery, says the head of a local NGO that has worked for 25 years to champion rights for migrants and refugees as well as expose abuses against them.

“The crime of human trafficking is a major problem in this country, as Malaysia does not have a good system that protects immigrants, refugees and those who have been manipulated or abused,” Tenaganita Director Glorene Das told BenarNews,

“Nobody wants to be a victim of human trafficking, illegal immigration … [or] being treated like garbage and enslaved without any human rights protection,” she said.

Tenaganita and other NGOs have criticized the Malaysian government for allegedly not doing enough to shield people who are trafficked into the country from being exploited or abused in other ways on Malaysian soil, and who are among an estimated population of two million undocumented foreign migrants in the country.

‘Unearned prize’

The criticism of Malaysia’s handling of the trafficking issue deepened last month after the U.S. State Department kept the country on a watch list of countries in its annual report on human trafficking.

A year ago, the State Department bumped Malaysia up from its Tier 3 blacklist of countries, which ranked lowest in efforts to prevent and combat the problem. Critics said Malaysia was promoted as an incentive for joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal being negotiated then by the Obama administration.

Since the department’s latest Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report came out on June 30, critics have argued that Malaysia didn’t deserve to remain on the Tier 2 Watch List this year.

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CAAT – The Usual Suspect: Science Museum to host Farnborough reception again next week.

Amy Clark-Bryan writes about the upcoming protest against the Science Museum.

For the second time the Science Museum will be hosting the official Farnborough International reception. The last time the Science Museum hosted the reception for the arms fair in 2014 it was met with activists with one clear message – arms dealers out!


Activists with banners, placards, science-themed costumes and messages of peace greeted arms dealers as they arrived and called for the Science Museum to end it’s ties with arms.


CAAT reports;

Join in the gathering on Sunday 10th July to share more stories of resistance and plan creative action against Farnborough.

On Monday 11th July we will be taking action against Farnborough and the devastating consequences of arms deals. There will be creative actions going on throughout the day, so join in whenever you can:

  • 8am at the Waterloo Action Centre for a briefing and action
  • Noon outside Downing Street
  • 6pm outside the Science Museum for the official Farnborough “welcome reception

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Egypt president removes spy officials following damning human-rights report

Seventeen senior Egyptian intelligence officials were summarily removed from their posts hours after the government’s human-rights monitoring body issued a damning report of violations by security …

Source: Egypt president removes spy officials following damning human-rights report

Muslim man held in New York prison claims he was CIA spy

An ethnic Albanian man facing deportation from the United States says he was a trained by the Central Intelligence Agency to spy on “the most ruthless, dangerous terrorists in the Balkans and the M…

Source: Muslim man held in New York prison claims he was CIA spy

Jakarta Globe:Solo Suicide Bomber Was a Member of Hisbah Terror Group: Police Source


Jakarta. The man who allegedly blew himself up in an apparent suicide attack on the police headquarters in Solo, Central Java, on Tuesday morning (05/07) has been identified as 30-year-old Nur Rohman, a member of the Hisbah terror network. The group was implicated in planned attacks on several police stations and places of worship in the city last year and also in 2011, an unidentified police source said.

An officer was injured when the alleged terrorist, who was a resident of Pasar Kliwon subdistrict in Solo, detonated a low-explosive device strapped to his body after he was stopped from entering the police station at 7.30 a.m. on Tuesday. The bomb reportedly contained metal balls.

According the police source, the attacker had been named a fugitive after the arrests of Nur Hamzah and Andika late last year on charges that they provided explosives to one Abu Muzab, who was arrested by the National Police’s antiterrorism unit Densus 88 in Bekasi, West Java, on Dec. 23, 2015.

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Nasional Republika – Inmates pursuit Nusakambangan Involve Kopassus and TNI AL

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, CILACAP – The search or pursuit of a Penitentiary inmate Iron, Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java still do.

“We have coordinated with other relevant agencies, both from the Police Detachment, was also assisted from the Special Forces and the Navy,” said Chief Teguh Widodo Edy Iron Prison in Cilacap, Wednesday (6/7).

However, to this day, the search for prisoners in the name of Saman Hasan alias Messi nationality Turkey was not fruitless. According to Edy, the institute through Wharf Wijayapura officers patrol post in Cilacap has received information from the public about the existence of a convicted drug was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

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